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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Super hero! my Father.... Happy Fathers Day!!!!

In raising a kid both mother and father act as a pillar of support and strength. We celebrate mother hood with mother’s day and now its turn to show our dearest daddies what they are for us. For every kid father is and would always be their Super hero and keeping this in mind lets now plan a nice Super Hero theme party for our Super daddies as a Fathers Day treat.
Super hero theme parties are very easy to plan. But with a little creativity we can add that zing to the party. You can select a character of your choice and plan the party. Now it’s your choice what kind of party you want a simple family lunch or a grand party with your dads friends
Since I feel its something private and personal I  prefer having a small family get together and spend some quality time with my dad. Since spider man is dad and my special and favorite Super hero I planned to have a small Spider Man theme party.
For my simple lunch party I have selected few balloons, crepe paper and nice table ware.

These crepe sheets are good for decoration and has huge scope of creativity. I think ill probably decorate the walls by making a spider web from these crepe sheets.

Moving on to balloons (my favorite) .For me party decoration is incomplete with out Balloons. Since I use them every time and this time its no different. For my daddy cool I have these real nice balloons where are made for Spider man theme. These balloons have webs printed on them which are apt for the theme.


if you are not able to find theme then not to worry darlings a backup plan is always there for you. You can replace these balloons with a bunch of red and blue balloons.

Now moving on to the table ware I have this plates, cups and napkins that I found. Since I got everything separately but there is this kit which very similar to the design I selected.


and the finale of the party is the cake. NO! I m not baking it but yes buying from the cake shop. And I have selected this design.

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