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Top Stories Best Theme Party Ideas: October 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

El Dia de Muertos- Day of the Dead Costumes and Decorations

“Day Of The Dead” is one of the most popular event celebrated in Latin American countries especially in Mexico. It involves indigenous, urban and rural families paying respect to their relatives who have passed away by offering  them food, drinks, and flowers to help them cope in their afterlife. It is believed that soul of dead come back to visit their loved ones so Day of dead is not a sad or depressing time but a time of happiness and celebration! To make this day more memorable people dress up in skeleton costumes and enjoy parties. I offer you a vibrant variety of freaking  scary Day Of The Dead costumes and you can look the part as a living zombie. Company your loved one by dressing up like them and throwing a party for them.

A yard party or a house party would be a wonderful idea to celebrate your loved once lives. Decorate the party area with Scary freaking decorations available to us, and can make the party a big hit. With my collection of Day Of The Dead masks, Skeleton Shoes, Skeleton costumes and accessories, Skeleton fingers and many more party supplies you can make Day Of the Dead party come to live. We provide you huge collection of skeleton decorations and Day Of The Dead party supplies to celebrate the Mexican holiday . You will also find beautiful Day Of the Dead jewelry to enhance your costume and have fun wile remembering your passed friends and relatives. Kids will love  the skull-shape toys, Accessories, candy, and table decorations. Check out our Day Of the Dead collections of Costumes, accessories, decorations and last but not the least don’t those creepy and scary skull masks.

Skull Fairy Child Costume

The skull fairy child costume features a black dress, a skull headband, black knee tights, a wand and wings. The costume is made up of a good quality fabric in which you child will be very comfortable if also they wear it whole day.

Skull Lord Ninja Child Costume
The Skull Lord Ninja Child Costume Includes Black hooded shirt, Black pants, skull and bone tunic, arm guards, shin guards, ties and skull mask. 

 Cryptic Cadavers Skull 'N' Bone Mask PVC

The amazing scary Cryptic Cadavers Skull 'N' Bone Mask Includes a PVC skeleton mask. One size fits most adults.

Dancing Skeleton Diva (Sound N-Motion) Adult Costume

The Dancing Skeleton Diva (Sound N-Motion) Adult Costume features a black bones printed pantsuit, mini black top hat, cane and printed instructions. This is a nice skeleton diva dress and surely grab all eyes on you at the party.

Zombie 3D Adult Costume

 The Zombie 3D Adult Costume Includes scary zombie mask with attached wig, Zombie bone revealing  shirt with sewn in body parts, pants with sewn in body parts and creepy zombie gloves. Make sure you don't walk in the dark, for you may give an unfortunate someone a heart attack. This costume would be one of the best costume of the party.

Hanging Skeleton Birdfeeder

The Ghoulish Hanging Skeleton Birdfeeder is a best decoration of the party which give a look of your passed away loved once and frighten your guest too. Just grab this terrifying skeleton decoration and make your party a big hit.