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Top Stories Best Theme Party Ideas: February 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Get a tempting Look on this Mardi gras!!!….

Everybody must be aware of or at least should beware of New Orleans naughtiest "Mardi Gras". Alright the first weekend of carnival parades is finally here .It’s been over a year since the last Mardi Gras and I’m ready for some parade .Often called as  Fat Tuesday – the season of parades, masquerade  balls, beads masks , king cakes and obviously very wild parties . Confused what to wear?? Your search for the Mardi Gras costumes ends up here!  Hurry up and buy some crazy gorgeous outfits along with the necessary accessories. I have gone through some shopping sites and guess what I finally found what i was looking  for my Mardi Gras party and I think you all are going to love this exclusive collection. I am giving you some unique and of course great ideas for your costume selection that will help you to make your festival unforgettable.

 I ordered this costume once. Just like a peacock reflects beauty and grace you will be reflecting the same. I wore it to a house party and a pub party and got tons of compliments!!! Everyone wanted to know from where I had gotten the costume. It was very creative, all the pieces were intricately made and it is a perfect amalgamation of sexiness and elegance. I would highly recommend you to buy this but also, keep in mind there isn't a lot of coverage at your bottom lol!


Ladies! If you are all set to catch the Eyes on you and eager to buy some real good stuff then this one is a great option for you. This will definitely go with your season look. The shrug is completely going well with the costumes. This shiny maven adult costume will add brightness to your carnival too. Nothing beats a classic one! Pair it with a pair of heels, some beads and you’re done.

LeBelle Harlequin Adult Costume

I was completely undecided about what I wanted to wear for the Masquerade Party this year until I saw this costume on the website. I thought it was a fun design, cute without being over-done. I loved the outfit as you can also wear it on Halloween. This is super cute and when I tried I was super cute in it!! LOL It was pretty true to the picture... Go a size up as it runs a little small. I cannot wait to wear it in the masquerade Party.

Masks and Beads 



 Sometimes right costume is not only the thing but complimenting them with right accessories will definitely going to catch the attention. Feathered masks and colored beads for ladies will add a cherry on the cake. If you want to get all drunk by not disclosing your identity then go for feathered masks. Isn’t it so funny? I purchased these beads for my Mardi gras party, the colors are as pictured. These vibrant beads are a New Orleans staple and it includes glitzy gold, emerald green and royal purple strands of beads.

Remember -Looking good and Dressing well is a necessity…!! So be under the spotlight wherever you go!
P.S - If you have any tips to add then please let me know and do not forget to comment ….