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Friday, June 7, 2013

Super Man Theme Party Ideas

Up in the sky, look: It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Superman! 

Using crepe paper of red and blue color we decorated the back yard. Placed red and blue balloons. In the market we found nice superman standups which we placed in the entrance where every kid stood n got his picture clicked with the Super man.
With all the super hero movies coming up the craze of super heros amongst kids has increased tremendously. Now days everyone wants to dress up like a super hero and  have a super hero theme birthday party. I recently got a chance to plan a super man theme party and the experience I had is worth sharing.  The party was declared a big HIT not just by the kids but also by the parents.
Since summers have hit the town we planned a backyard party at Mrs & Mr. James(my clients) place. It was kris(their son) 5th birthday. On his demand we had everything with the Superman theme. Got a Super Costume for Kris, and all the decoration and cake and favors everything was given a Superman touch.
Starting off with the costume we ordered a Deluxe Super Man Costume. It looked so real
Heading towards the decorations. I follow my style of keeping everything simple and yet very attractive ;)

Now comes the best part the “GAME”. We planned a super man hero training game. We handed over every kid an envelop which had clues to the task in it on completion of all the task the kid was rewarded with the title of SUPERMAN. Since with great powers comes great responsibility and this game had all the tested with fun. At the end of each task the next clue to the task was kept. To make the game more interesting we had set a time limit in which the kids had to find the clue and only the kids who completed task ina given amount of time cud go to the next task.
The tasks were as follows:
1) To check the speed: in this kids had to run back and forth between 2 poles, the kid with who could get 5 or more runs with in a minute went to the second task.
2) To check memory: we showed kids 10 items for a 1 min and they had to remember each and write down the names. Kids with maximum correct items went to the 3rd task
3) Jumping from the buildings: in this task we had set a hurdle race for the kids.
4) Xray eyes: we kept a box filled with stuff and covered it with a black paper and made a hole through which the kids could put hteir hands inside the box. Each kid had to feel and find the item asked from the box in a given time limit.
5) Rescue people: in this task again we had a race in which each kid had to pull a bucket of water but had to make sure that the water doesn’t fall out.
6) Finally kill the bad guy: in this the final task kids had to find the bad guy( a box in the shape of bad guy) kids had to open it and blow the whistle kept inside the box indicating the defeat of the evil. The kid who did the task first was crowned with the title of super man or super girl.

Every kid enjoyed this game so much that it totally proved a big hit amongst not just kids but elders as well. The winner was given a super man ring and a SuperMan plush toy.


After the game it was time to fill in the empty tummies of every body.  We had setup the food on a table having a blue and red plates spoons napkins and glasses

And near the cake we kept a cup cake stand with superman cup cakes on it. At the end we gave superman t-shirts to every kid as a party favor but yes these favors could be replaced with any other item like a superman note pad or pens if the t-shirt go a little out of budget for you all.

Everything in this party was just so perfect that I feel so proud of my team J