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Friday, March 22, 2013

Lots of Geeky Fun! Planning a Star Wars Themed Birthday Party for Kids

Star Wars movies and TV shoes have imprinted their name in the halls of sci-fi fandom for eons to come. From kids to fully grown men and women, the Star Wars franchise has developed a cult following from people all over the globe. Even nowadays, with the last film being released in 2005 and the new one set for a 2015 release, people especially kids are still attached to the movie characters, thanks in no small part to the comic books, computer games and other Star Wars paraphernalia. It is exactly for this continued devotion of the kids to the saga, that I thought that a Star Wars themed birthday party would be a great idea. I mean if your child's birthday is coming up and he/she happens to be a Star Wars fan, then throwing him a party themed on something that he loves is a very good idea.

Planning a costume extravaganza, where your kid and all the other children invited are dressed as Star Wars characters is a great idea for a happening party! You can dress up the boys in cool character costumes like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker or Yoda, while the girls can dress up as the iconic Princess Leia or Queen Amidala. You can accessories the outfit with lightsabers or guns so as to give the kids something to play about. Lets start with ideas for the costumes, shall we?

Funky costumes such as the menacing Darth Vader or the heroic Luke Skywalker will definitely excite the boys. These costumes with their cool masks and capes are just the sort of thing that little boys like. Darth Vader as the Sith whom all feared, is held in awe by many children. You can go for a Darth Vader Costume like this one.


While some prefer the dark side, others prefer the protectors AKA the Jedi. The most famous of the Jedi is no doubt Luke Skywalker and I am sure your son will love to dress up as one. 


Another favorite of the boys is the Jedi Master, Yoda. The beloved tutor of Luke Skywalker, as the patient and powerful warrior he is, is a great costume choice.


Coming to the girls now, a popular choice is no doubt, Princess Leia. The warrior princess is loved by today's independent girls who like such feisty characters.


Girls can also choose to dress up Princess Leia's mother, Queen Amidala. The costume with its red hues is preferred by many young girls.


What would Luke Skywalker do WITHOUT his Lightsaber? That is the question your son will ask you if you bought him just a costume and no lightsaber to go with it. Costume accessories after all, are not merely add-ons; they help to add finesse to a costume. You can choose from lightsabers, gloves and many others.

Lightsabers are the preferred choice of weapon in the galaxies that populate the Star Wars universe. A light blue saber like this one will definitely catch your kid's attention.


If you're going for Darth Vader, when picking the costumes, you should also go for matching gloves. It might even keep your naughty boy a bit cleaner as he goes about playing all kinds of games!


To make sure all the guests are happy (in this case a bunch of temperamental kids, so buck up!), there are a few things you can do. Games, toys, return gifts are just some of the things you should be considering and they are not that expensive as well.

A cool board game is a must-have for any party involving kids. They do get tired of running around and when this happens, a simple board game should keep them entertained. You can find lots of board games that are based on Star Wars.

A birthday party like any party requires for your guests to be properly invited. In this case, it means sending the invitation cards to the parents of all the children you want to come. A good idea is to send a proper invitation card, one that makes clear about the theme of the party. Similarly, thank you cards are also a good way to appreciate everyone coming up for the party. You can go for something like this:



While invitation cards add a nice formal touch to the occasion, return gifts make sure that all the kids go back with a smile on their faces! While a birthday party should concentrate on the boy or girl whose birthday is in fact being celebrated, there is no harm in giving a small gift to all the other kids. Star Wars themed party favor kits, which contain an assortment of things like stickers and toys, are definitely the ones to go for.


This pretty much wraps up my ideas on how to throw an amazing Star Wars themed birthday party for your child. Let us know in the comments section, how it went? Good Luck!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Baby On Board..Baby Shower Ideas!

Essence of a women is the origin of child. The precious gift of getting life is given to a women and celebrating this gift is a must. Baby shower is one way to celebrate not just the happiness of being a mother but also to welcome the little one to this world.
If you are a friend of soon mum to be then be the lucky one to throw an amazing Baby Shower for your lovely friend and welcome the tiny one to the world. Now days having theme based Baby Shower is the latest trend. I recently got a chance to throw a baby shower for my best friend and trust me its not easy at seems to be. Deciding the venue, theme and decorations and many more. It just sucks out all the energy you have. But that million dollar smile the party got on my friends face just made all the pains and effort worth it.
Here are few ideas that can help you to throw the best Baby Shower for mum to be. Since we already knew we have a naughty boy coming so i planned the complete Shower accordingly.One thing that i feel is very important is that whatever theme you pick always always go for suttle pastel colors. The theme i opted was little princes theme. This Pary Pack really helped and saved me from all the efforts in searching for decorations and table ware items. It had almost everything that i was looking for.

New Little Prince Theme Party Kit

If its a baby girl .

New Little Princess Theme Party Kit

Many people like to keep the gender a surprise. So here are few neutral baby shower ideas that you can go for.

Lady Bug Theme

Lady Bug Theme Confetti

Lady Bug Theme Party Kit

Fusher Price Standrad Party Pack

Fisher Price Baby Shower Decorations

Party Favors

Gifts are most important. What to give the mum to be is a major task but deciding on what to give the guest is even bigger task. After a lot to research i found some really nice presents that can be used as party favors for all the guests and few ideas that can to used to present the mum to be.
Evry mother likes to have some quality time for themselves after full day of baby care. And what can be best than a nice relaxed bath. Give them a chance to pamper themselves with a relaexed bath by gifting all the mothers a nest egg shapped soap. It can be a wonderful party favor.

Blue Nest Egg Soap

this cute little candle holder would definately make a nice party favor gift for your guests

Rocking Horse Candle Holder

Gifts for mum to be

Opening the gifts given by the near and dears one is the most awaited part of the party. Before giving something its important to see that what you buy should be very useful for the mother. Here are few gifts that would be liked by the mother.

Airoplane Bib

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ideas for Easter Costumes, Costume Accessories and Party Supplies- Let the fun begin!

Easter egg hunts, parades and parties, this avalanche of exciting times is thankfully on its way! I don't know about you guys but I have really fond memories of this holiday. As a child, my mother would take me for the morning service in the church and the rest of the day would be spent, blissfully taking part in egg hunts, egg rolling races and other such playful activities. I still remember wearing those cute Easter Bunny Dresses that my mom would buy for me, sometimes in colors of red and other times in pink. I have kept the tradition alive by doing the same with my kids.

Easter is truly a wonderful holiday and you should try to make the most of it. Even if you're not into the whole religion thing, there is no reason for not using this opportunity to spend some quality time with the family. A good way to do exactly this is to throw a nice Easter costume party where everyone has to be in costume, otherwise no entry! There are plenty of cheap options available for buying Easter Costumes and Costume Accessories.

When planning a party at home, another thing that you will need is Party Decorations. Tableware, banners, cute signs and decorating kits are just some of the options available that will help in creating the party atmosphere. There really is no reason for any of you to have a lousy Easter celebration.

Adult Easter Costumes

Let the kids have their fun and let the adults have theirs! This should be your motto, come this Easter Day. With a whole range of Easter Costumes available for men and women, partying in style should be a piece of cake. Considering it's Easter, the most in demand costumes are no doubt- all the Easter Bunny/Rabbit Costumes. I, for one, can't help but crack up when I see Ray (my husband), dressed up as a full-fledged bunny. As his better half, I feel it's my duty to help him in cheering up the guests by similarly dressing up as an Easter Bunny.

Thank god for the fact that Easter Bunny Outfits for women tend to be more on the sexy side! Let the job of entertaining the guests by dancing around in a full-body rabbit costume, fall on the menfolk. Check out these super sexy Easter Bunny Costumes:

A sexy Black Bunny Costume and a cute White Rabbit Costume, both perfect for an Easter celebration with friends. Clearly, both of these costumes are on the sexy side so it's probably best to avoid wearing them for a family affair.  That said, both are great costumes for partying in.

Now that we are done with the women, let's take a look at the men's costumes. Like I said before, it is the men's job to entertain any kids or adults with their crazy antics, hence the full-body bunny suits for them. Take a look at some of these cute bunny outfits:

An Easter Bunny Costume and a Bunny Suit Costume, both great choices for livening up the party mood. If you don't fancy covering your head, I would recommend going for the open face Bunny Suit.

Kids Easter Costumes

Easter is one of those few holidays, which gives you the opportunity of dressing up your kids in adorable outfits. Cute Easter dresses, Easter Bunny Costumes and jumpsuits, the list is endless and the possibilities, limitless.
I personally love dressing up my daughter in a cute Easter Bunny Outfit. She loves the dressy feel of the costume, which also allows her to play freely. Such pretty dresses are a good choice for fussy girls who hate to dress the same as boys; you know what I am talking about!

Coming to the boys, spare yourself the trouble of going for any elaborate costumes, as they tend to rough out anything that we put on them. A simple Bunny Suit for your naughty tyke should do the trick. Remember that comfort is key.

Last but definitely not the least, what use is Easter when you cannot dress your baby as a cute bunny? He/she may not know what's happening but that is no reason to stop us from having our fun in dressing them up as adorable bunnies. Remember to go for loose fitting costumes, otherwise your baby/infant might get a rash from unwanted friction.

Easter Costume Accessories

Bunny ears or Rabbit ears or bunny headbands, there are lots of accessories that will compliment your Easter outfit nicely. A pair of bunny ears and tail can add that extra-special touch to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

A Bunny Ears Headband is quite easy to put on and definitely gets the job done. White with pink lining, such headbands are quite durable so no worries about the ears getting folded or damaged.

Easter Party Decorations

Easter is the perfect time to host a get together with family and friends. Everyone is relaxed owing to the weekend and this is a good opportunity to reconnect with everyone. You also don't need a lot of things to put together a decent party. Some dinnerware and a handful of decorations and you're ready.

A dinnerware set saves the hassle of looking for individual pieces of plates or cutlery. It is also pretty nice to have everything matching, the plates, glasses, napkins and cutlery.

Another great way to usher in the Easter spirit is to decorate your house with brightly colored hard-boiled eggs, an Easter tradition that has withstood the test of time. With a help of an Egg Decorating Kit, you can produce beautifully colored eggs featuring the prettiest designs.

Celebrate Easter in the style it deserves, using the tips that I have just given you! Let the festive spirit fill your homes and your hearts and make the most of what is truly a wonderful holiday.

Happy Easter Guys!