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Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Costumes Ideas

Christmas is round the corner, and it’s time to celebrate the festival with your loved ones in some unique and special way. Hosting party is an awesome idea, but without costumes I don’t think it will worth it. ’Costumes’ - It’s a very simple word but  as intricate to choose it from online stores. Choose an outfit that will make you look best and the most important, it must fits you and you should be comfortable while carrying it.

So, we present some great Christmas costumes ideas to help you in making your Christmas parties indelible.

Santa Claus, a jolly fat man is a legendary figure in Christmas. It is not the most popular costume but one of the last minute costume as well. When you cant figure out what wear, Santa costumes are life savior. There are all sorts of Santa Suits available in the market. Due to the high demands its advised to buy them in advance. If you want to the authentic look and budget is no issue then you can hit jackpot with these amazing costumes. After these costumes are kind of investment as you can wear them not just on Christmas every year but other costume parties as well.

But if Budget is a concern then dont be dishearten i have options for you as well. There are many budget Santa costumes available but again reminder as these go out of stock really soon.
If you are not a costume person or too lazy to pick out costume then also i have things for you. Here is when creativity takes place. Be creative and youll get your costumes.

There are many shirts and hoodies with santa print so simply wear them and add beard and hat. That is it! But another innovative idea is wear a red robe with beard and hat. With not much efforts you can have costume in your hand.

Christmas tree has it’s own importance, and a very important symbol which is associated with this occasion. So, you can wear Christmas tree costume and illuminate your house with love and cheer. Even Jesus child costume are also available to us. So, get it and cast a spell of fascination on others.
How the Grinch stole the Christmas? Though this character is depicted as a heartless, devious and with anti holiday spirit but you can derive pleasure by disturbing others peace with this unique costume on Christmas.

So, be prepare to dazzle everyone in these amazing costumes and be an eye catcher in the holiday party.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Party Ideas

When I was a kid,I watched my parents doing preparations for thanksgiving and celebrating the day with same enthusiasm like we celebrate Christmas,Halloween or New year.Among all  the preparations,I always wait for thanksgiving parade.Marching bands,people in different costumes,performers and my favorite balloons,touching the sky always filled my heart with joy and excitement.Today I don’t play with balloons but still I have many ways to celebrate this great festival of history.So,Celebrate the history or i will say make your own by having a look on these ways of celebrations and enjoying in a full way with your family and friends.

Thanksgiving is all about spending time together and having fun.So,what about throwing a thanksgiving party at your place? Of course,it’s a great idea!!! Preparing delicious food is really important but i will suggest you to be extra careful in decorations.Turkey is a centerpiece of Thanksgiving table but what about table which itself needs some unique decorations.Get some unique Table covers in coordinated colors and finish the look with thanksgiving Napkins and menu card.Matching Dinner plates,Paper cups, and food picks will obviously add an extra effect and you will get bonus point if you choose turkey as your theme.Get Turkey Apron to completely live in the spirits of Thanksgiving earn few laughs from your family and kids.

Live up in spirit of thanksgiving by setting a scarecrow at your lawn. Welcome your guests with fall leaves Garland and make them feel their importance in your life.Get animal Toys for the kids coming to your home and you can even think of having Drum and organize thanksgiving parade at your own house.So,be together and thank lord for being our strength in good and bad times.
Don’t miss Thanksgiving parades.

Have you planned to enjoy thanksgiving parades?Don’t go in normal outfits.Get some theme related costumes for yourself and for your kids too.No celebration is complete without costumes whether it’s of Halloween or  Thanksgiving.So,revive the history and let your kids understand the sacrifices made by our ancestors for our well being.Some great costumes are available on various online stores,check it and enjoy this great event to the fullest.You can go for Pilgrim Man Adult Costume available in all sizes.So ,whole family can dress up in this costume and be true explorers. However, ladies always want to get noticed in some sexy costumes,there is no worry for you too.Naughty and Nice Nun Adult Costume, Tribal Princess Costume will help you to grab others attention and cast spell of fascination on them.

However, if you want to make your party hilarious then Turkey costumes will be an awesome idea.Don’t forget to have turkey Hat,shoes and other accessories available for both men and women.
Idea is not to be thankful only to those who helped you,instead help the needy one on this event and get their blessing for your bright future.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

El Dia de Muertos- Day of the Dead Costumes and Decorations

“Day Of The Dead” is one of the most popular event celebrated in Latin American countries especially in Mexico. It involves indigenous, urban and rural families paying respect to their relatives who have passed away by offering  them food, drinks, and flowers to help them cope in their afterlife. It is believed that soul of dead come back to visit their loved ones so Day of dead is not a sad or depressing time but a time of happiness and celebration! To make this day more memorable people dress up in skeleton costumes and enjoy parties. I offer you a vibrant variety of freaking  scary Day Of The Dead costumes and you can look the part as a living zombie. Company your loved one by dressing up like them and throwing a party for them.

A yard party or a house party would be a wonderful idea to celebrate your loved once lives. Decorate the party area with Scary freaking decorations available to us, and can make the party a big hit. With my collection of Day Of The Dead masks, Skeleton Shoes, Skeleton costumes and accessories, Skeleton fingers and many more party supplies you can make Day Of the Dead party come to live. We provide you huge collection of skeleton decorations and Day Of The Dead party supplies to celebrate the Mexican holiday . You will also find beautiful Day Of the Dead jewelry to enhance your costume and have fun wile remembering your passed friends and relatives. Kids will love  the skull-shape toys, Accessories, candy, and table decorations. Check out our Day Of the Dead collections of Costumes, accessories, decorations and last but not the least don’t those creepy and scary skull masks.

Skull Fairy Child Costume

The skull fairy child costume features a black dress, a skull headband, black knee tights, a wand and wings. The costume is made up of a good quality fabric in which you child will be very comfortable if also they wear it whole day.

Skull Lord Ninja Child Costume
The Skull Lord Ninja Child Costume Includes Black hooded shirt, Black pants, skull and bone tunic, arm guards, shin guards, ties and skull mask. 

 Cryptic Cadavers Skull 'N' Bone Mask PVC

The amazing scary Cryptic Cadavers Skull 'N' Bone Mask Includes a PVC skeleton mask. One size fits most adults.

Dancing Skeleton Diva (Sound N-Motion) Adult Costume

The Dancing Skeleton Diva (Sound N-Motion) Adult Costume features a black bones printed pantsuit, mini black top hat, cane and printed instructions. This is a nice skeleton diva dress and surely grab all eyes on you at the party.

Zombie 3D Adult Costume

 The Zombie 3D Adult Costume Includes scary zombie mask with attached wig, Zombie bone revealing  shirt with sewn in body parts, pants with sewn in body parts and creepy zombie gloves. Make sure you don't walk in the dark, for you may give an unfortunate someone a heart attack. This costume would be one of the best costume of the party.

Hanging Skeleton Birdfeeder

The Ghoulish Hanging Skeleton Birdfeeder is a best decoration of the party which give a look of your passed away loved once and frighten your guest too. Just grab this terrifying skeleton decoration and make your party a big hit.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Disney Princess Ballerina Costume

Searching for my Halloween Costume online I came across few really cute ballerina Costumes. They were so nice, beautiful, oh it just made me buy them right away but since I could not fit into it neither I have anyone around who could, I had to keep my search continue for my Costume. But then what is the harm in sharing it with you all. Down are few really cute dresses and if you want your cute ballerina to look like a princess then end your search here.
Little Mermaid Ballerina Costume

Friday, June 7, 2013

Super Man Theme Party Ideas

Up in the sky, look: It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Superman! 

Using crepe paper of red and blue color we decorated the back yard. Placed red and blue balloons. In the market we found nice superman standups which we placed in the entrance where every kid stood n got his picture clicked with the Super man.
With all the super hero movies coming up the craze of super heros amongst kids has increased tremendously. Now days everyone wants to dress up like a super hero and  have a super hero theme birthday party. I recently got a chance to plan a super man theme party and the experience I had is worth sharing.  The party was declared a big HIT not just by the kids but also by the parents.
Since summers have hit the town we planned a backyard party at Mrs & Mr. James(my clients) place. It was kris(their son) 5th birthday. On his demand we had everything with the Superman theme. Got a Super Costume for Kris, and all the decoration and cake and favors everything was given a Superman touch.
Starting off with the costume we ordered a Deluxe Super Man Costume. It looked so real
Heading towards the decorations. I follow my style of keeping everything simple and yet very attractive ;)

Now comes the best part the “GAME”. We planned a super man hero training game. We handed over every kid an envelop which had clues to the task in it on completion of all the task the kid was rewarded with the title of SUPERMAN. Since with great powers comes great responsibility and this game had all the tested with fun. At the end of each task the next clue to the task was kept. To make the game more interesting we had set a time limit in which the kids had to find the clue and only the kids who completed task ina given amount of time cud go to the next task.
The tasks were as follows:
1) To check the speed: in this kids had to run back and forth between 2 poles, the kid with who could get 5 or more runs with in a minute went to the second task.
2) To check memory: we showed kids 10 items for a 1 min and they had to remember each and write down the names. Kids with maximum correct items went to the 3rd task
3) Jumping from the buildings: in this task we had set a hurdle race for the kids.
4) Xray eyes: we kept a box filled with stuff and covered it with a black paper and made a hole through which the kids could put hteir hands inside the box. Each kid had to feel and find the item asked from the box in a given time limit.
5) Rescue people: in this task again we had a race in which each kid had to pull a bucket of water but had to make sure that the water doesn’t fall out.
6) Finally kill the bad guy: in this the final task kids had to find the bad guy( a box in the shape of bad guy) kids had to open it and blow the whistle kept inside the box indicating the defeat of the evil. The kid who did the task first was crowned with the title of super man or super girl.

Every kid enjoyed this game so much that it totally proved a big hit amongst not just kids but elders as well. The winner was given a super man ring and a SuperMan plush toy.


After the game it was time to fill in the empty tummies of every body.  We had setup the food on a table having a blue and red plates spoons napkins and glasses

And near the cake we kept a cup cake stand with superman cup cakes on it. At the end we gave superman t-shirts to every kid as a party favor but yes these favors could be replaced with any other item like a superman note pad or pens if the t-shirt go a little out of budget for you all.

Everything in this party was just so perfect that I feel so proud of my team J

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Super hero! my Father.... Happy Fathers Day!!!!

In raising a kid both mother and father act as a pillar of support and strength. We celebrate mother hood with mother’s day and now its turn to show our dearest daddies what they are for us. For every kid father is and would always be their Super hero and keeping this in mind lets now plan a nice Super Hero theme party for our Super daddies as a Fathers Day treat.
Super hero theme parties are very easy to plan. But with a little creativity we can add that zing to the party. You can select a character of your choice and plan the party. Now it’s your choice what kind of party you want a simple family lunch or a grand party with your dads friends
Since I feel its something private and personal I  prefer having a small family get together and spend some quality time with my dad. Since spider man is dad and my special and favorite Super hero I planned to have a small Spider Man theme party.
For my simple lunch party I have selected few balloons, crepe paper and nice table ware.

These crepe sheets are good for decoration and has huge scope of creativity. I think ill probably decorate the walls by making a spider web from these crepe sheets.

Moving on to balloons (my favorite) .For me party decoration is incomplete with out Balloons. Since I use them every time and this time its no different. For my daddy cool I have these real nice balloons where are made for Spider man theme. These balloons have webs printed on them which are apt for the theme.


if you are not able to find theme then not to worry darlings a backup plan is always there for you. You can replace these balloons with a bunch of red and blue balloons.

Now moving on to the table ware I have this plates, cups and napkins that I found. Since I got everything separately but there is this kit which very similar to the design I selected.


and the finale of the party is the cake. NO! I m not baking it but yes buying from the cake shop. And I have selected this design.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal shower- A gift giving ceremony organized for the bride to be before her wedding. Generally the bridal shower party is organized by the bridesmaid and close friends but now days even the in-laws of the brides have started to organize bridal shower for the lovely bride.
Being the bridesmaid it your duty to make this day the best and the most memorable day of her life . to help you in this I have few ideas that might come handy while organizing the bridal shower.
One can always go in for various fun themes like Hawaiiian  theme or Caribbean theme but I personally like a classy and elegant flavor in the party. Going in for some solid color theme or any floral theme
Classic Pink theme
A particular color theme is very simple but it should be carefully implemented as over doing it can ruin the complete look of the party. A simply classic pink theme looks very feminine  and nice. Having a pink theme doesn’t mean we put everything pink, for nice look we compliment pink by combining it with a base color like white.


Room decoration:

For the room decoration pink nice pink and white balloons and crape paper.

Table decoration:

For the table pick a either a solid white color table cloth or a very light soft pink table cloth and put up a nice centerpiece and add on some ribbon detailing like a thin ribbon bow on d spoons.


with a little creativity these curling ribbons can also be used for adding detailing to your decorations

Table ware:

Drink Glasses:

For serving drinks to your guests use these nice clear glasses which look elegant and gives a nice classic feel.




Use nice pink color plates ,glasses, napkins, spoons and forks for serving the lunch to your guests.
To reduce the pain of collecting all the above things I found this kit which provides you with most of the things.

Cosmic black and white theme

My favorite theme. Since black and white are my favorite colors and they look very elegant and classic at the same time.


Under this theme put on nice printed balloons and tie them with curling ribbons  as plain black and white gives it a dull look to the decorations. With this color scheme not much of decorations should be done.


Table decoration:

As above idea u can have spoons with ribbon bow on them and for the centerpiece keep a glass with white flower sitting.

Table ware:

For serving drinks go for these clear glasses.



For the cutlery go for nice elegant plates and glasses.


Nobody wants their guest to leave soon. If they do then its obvious your party could not make them stick to their seats. So for making your party a hit take the help of few interesting games.


The Gist: A way to put the bride in the hot seat.

How to Play: Before the bridal shower, interview the groom and ask him questions about the bride and their relationship: "Where was your first kiss?" "What's his most annoying habit?" Then at the shower, ask the bride the same questions and see if she can answer correctly. To get the full effect, record video footage of the groom's answers and play back his responses to each question for everyone to see and hear (allow a pause between questions.)

The Gist: A just-for-fun idea for a lingerie shower

How to Play: On the invites, ask each guest to bring underwear or lingerie gifts that matches their personality and style. Hang a clothesline across the room and have everyone hang their underwear on as they arrive. The bride-to-be then has to guess who each lingerie gift is from. At the end of the day, she goes home with a new panty wardrobe!

The Gist: It's the purse version of scavenger hunt

How to Play: Before the shower, create a list of standard items you might have in your purse -- start with the basics (a compact, credit cards, keys) and work your way up to more random or risqué objects (condoms, dog treats). The host calls out the items on the list and the first guest to pull the object from their purse wins a small prize, We love the idea of giving out the bride's favorite things, like books or movies, beauty products or baked goods.