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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas

A friend, a guide, a mentor and a bundle of unending love, so many roles and just one person- MOTHER. Mother, someone who has always been there for us, cares for us and understands us even when no body else could. Mother does so much for us keeping aside her life and herself just being there for us with a smile on her face. We can never thank her enough for all that she did and has been doing for us.

Mother’s Day for me is a very special day as it gives me a chance to thank my mum for everything and give her a smile and memory that she cherishes for rest of the year. Every year I try to make her feel as special as she is for me. As the  I have started to scribble my ideas to make this day very special for us. If you guys also want to make your mother feel special and don’t know how to go by it then here are few ideas that can help you.

Few things that can be done on Mother's Day are:-
·         Buy some flowers for her.
·         Special soap, bath oil, lotions or perfume are all gifts that can make the Mother's Day memorable.
·         if you can afford it, taking your mother away somewhere nice overnight is a wonderful Mother’s Day surprise.
·         Make her breakfast in bed, do all the housework and cleaning that day, cook dinner so your mother can have a day of pure relaxation.
·         If you don’t live with your mother, make a surprise visit on Mother’s Day and take her out to lunch.
·         Make a home video with your siblings expressing respect and love for your mother, play it for her on Mother’s Day.
·         Present her with a taste-bud-pleasing box of chocolates.

If you planning to throw a little surprise party for your mother then few things that you can do are have a backyard party and call all your mothers friends( who themselves are mother) . Clean up the backyard and decorate it with nice foil balloons and few lanterns or buntings. Keep things as simple as possible as spring blooms and buds would do wonders. 
Mother's Day Foil Balloon
Mother's Day Foil Balloons

Put a small table with snacks and drinks. Use nice tableware like Plates, Spoons, Napkins to add finishing touches to the celebrations.


In the end, it doesn’t matter what you buy your mother, the important thing is to do something out of the ordinary, something to let her know that you’ve thought of her and how special she is to you.

Happy Mothers Day!!!